Mission Statement

My mission is to emulate aspects of Asian Pop Culture and create a bridge between East to West philosophies. In pursuit of my own definition of “the American Dream”, I aim on bringing bits and pieces of said culture to my audience, either local or far away whilst learning more about my personal ethnic background as a biracial woman living in what we consider as the “melting pot of the world”.

In conjunction, I also intend to revolutionize what it means to be an “idol”. Unfortunately, the reality for most celebrities, idols, and performers alike has hinged on them giving up their autonomy and individuality to placate narcissistic paradigms from society at large. I want to be a leading example of breaking out of that mold and re-establishing our own humanity through self-empowerment and inner healing. Evolving our perspective on how we approach performers, in turn, will create sustainability, accountability, and overall wellness for the collective as a whole; including said performers, fans, and companies alike. It’s important to look at this from a critical lens and break norms that hold performers back so they have the freedom to authentically express their personal truths. If we accept our vulnerability as human beings, that would be the key to removing the “idolatry” from idol culture so we can prioritize people over profits.

I have always been excited to perform and have done so at various events for almost a decade! Ideally, I’d like to work towards performing in a healthy professional atmosphere while improving my skills and experience. When it comes to any opportunities that you may offer, I am willing to discuss how I can help make your event more unique and enjoyable!


Ever since I was toddler, I had a fondness for singing and would create silly songs off the top of my head before I was able to speak actual sentences to other people. As my childhood progressed, I would then participate in local school and church choirs during my elementary days.

At age 14, I discovered Vocaloid music and learned about J-Pop. Ever since then, my passion for J-Pop blossomed and I learned how to sing and dance. With roots in the Odottemita (踊ってみた) community, I have been dancing as a member of “Jump Ship Dance” (formerly “CosStarDance”) since 2012.

In 2014, I started my idol career, becoming the co-captain of the J-Pop Idol Group “Rainbow Bubble” until September 2015, then I went on to found my own group, “NovaDrop”, which disbanded in 2017. After being a soloist for a while, although hesitant, in 2019 I participated in idol groups like “AmbiFlora” and “Vivacu”.  Some, unfortunately, didn’t turn out the way it was planned so I still continued my solo activities in the midst of working in and out of group settings.

During that time, I’ve been spreading Idol Culture throughout the world as the founder of the Overseas Idol Collection network and performing cross country at events like “Starlight Idol Festival”, “Texas Idol Festival” and “Kira Kira Pop”. I even made my international debut in Canada at “Québec Idol Festival”!

Once the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, that’s what marked the end of my journey as an Overseas Idol. In June 2020, I “graduated” from the Overseas Idol scene in pursuit of expanding outside of the J-Pop sphere and geared my focus on studying pop music from other cultures.

Throughout the duration of my career, I struggled finding what was right for me and in doing so, battled with loneliness amidst being around others. Learning how to be a part of a group was not a simple task for me but it was through continuous trial and error that I discovered a lot of things about myself. Had I taken the easy route, I wouldn’t have gained the knowledge I have today. Having the ability to overcome hardships and trying your best to be strong in the face of adversity is what I believe to be the beauty of an “eyedol”. I hope that by leading myself, it can inspire others to carve their own path as well!


Booking / General Inquiries:   contact@julily.live

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GOASI Con 2023
- Collaboration with KuroPOP
(Staten Island, NY)

Weebs Got Talent 2023
- In the Top 6 as a Winner for the Talent Contest
- Hosted by Toasty Marshmellow
- Judged by Lizzy Ash Music
(Brooklyn, NY)

GOASI Con 2022
- Collaboration with Anna Banana
(Staten Island, NY)

AniBraveTO 1st Idol Festival 2020

Julily's Idol Graduation Live Performance
- Original Debut of "Seeking Myself"

Québec Idol Festival at G-Anime Convention 2020
(Québec, Canada)

Starlight Idol Festival at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2019
(Atlanta, GA)

AniParty Vol 5. 2019
(Queens, NY)

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AniParty Vol 5. 2019
(3rd Group Live: Queens, NY)

The Kawaii Society - Springfest NJ 2019
(2nd Group Live: Haworth, NJ)

Chibi-Con 2019
(1st Group Live: Montclair, NJ)

Castle Point Anime Convention 2019
- Guerilla Live Performance
(1st Group Live: Secaucus, NJ)

Tekko 2019
- Closing Act for Dance Competition
- Showcase Collaboration with Dance Master United
- K-Pop Cover Festival Participant
- Dance Gathering
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Tekko 2018
- Opening Act for Dance Competition
- Showcase Collaboration with Dance Master United
- Dance Gathering
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Katsucon 2018
- Dance Gathering with Dance Masters United
(National Harbor, MD)

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The Kawaii Society - Memorial Day Weekend Party 2017
(Mini Live: Manhattan, NY)

BoroughCon 2017
(Mini Live: Queens, NY)

EMCon 2017
(4th Group Live: Long Island, NY)

Tekko 2017
(Mini Live: Pittsburgh, PA)

Immortal Con 2016
(3rd Group Live: Long Island, NY)

1st Japan Night at Love Craft Bar 2016
(2nd Group Live: Manhattan, NY)

Idol Cafe at Bubble Hut 2016
- With Subunit Rouje (ルージュ)
(1st Group Live: Long Island, NY)

Idol Cafe at Hime Romance 2015
(Brooklyn, NY)

Japan Block Fair Summer 2015
(Manhattan, NY)

EMCon 2015
(Long Island, NY)

Camp Anime 3.5 2015
(Enfield, CT)

Genericon 2015
(Troy, NY)

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New York Comic Con 2013
- Dance Gathering
(Manhattan, NY)

Anime Next 2013
- Dance Gathering
(Somerset, NJ)

New York Comic Con 2012
- Dance Gathering
(Manhattan, NY)

Overseas Idol Festival 2020
- Collaboration Unit as Julily×Alexis×Cece

K-Pop Academy NY 2019
(Manhattan, NY)

1st Inaugural JCI Queens Induction Ceremony 2018
- Substitute Member for Epic88
(Queens, NY)

Serasymphony: New York 2017
- Production Under iconQ (Soundtrack Orchestra)
- Soprano Choir Member
- Collaboration with Jennifer Cihi
(Brooklyn, NY)

Idol Cafe at Bubble Hut 2016
- As part of Rouje (ルージュ)
(Long Island, NY)

Camp Anime 2015
- As part of Rouje (ルージュ)
- Collaboration with KuroPOP
(Woodstock Valley, CT)

  • Hosted “The Essential Guide to Idols” Panel at GOASIcon 2021
  • Judged AniBraveTO's 2020 Idol Competition
  • Judged Tekko's Dance Competition for 2017, 2018, and 2019
  • Hosted “The Essential Guide to Idols” Panel at Genericon 2019
  • Hosted “The Essential Guide to Idols” Panel at AnimeUSA 2018
  • Hosted “Wotagei for Dummies” Panel at Tekko 2018
  • Co-hosted “What is Wotagei?” Panel at San Japan 2017
  • Hosted J-Pop Idols 101 Panel at Tekko 2017
  • Co-hosted K-Pop VS J-Pop: Dance Teaching Panel at Tekko 2016
  • Co-hosted Dance Fossils: J-Pop Dance Teaching Panel at Katsucon 2016
  • Model for Miss Candyholic’s Fashion Brand
  • Interviewed by Film Director Reina Hamane
  • Featured on “Pixielocks” Youtube Channel
  • Featured on the Youtube Channel “Alice's Adventures”
  • Interviewed on the Podcast Program “Team Lift”
  • Featured on the Entertainment Network “The Bitten Apple”
  • Featured on the Television Program “Checkerboard Kids”
  • Interviewed twice on the Radio Program “It Came From The Radio”
  • Interviewed multiple times on the Radio Program Anime-Zing Radio
  • Won 6th Place for Weebs Got Talent 2023 (Talent Contest)
  • Won 1st Place for Katsucon Idol 2017 (Karaoke Competition)
  • Won the Judges Award and Runner Up Cosplay Craftsmanship Title for AnimeUSA Masquerade in 2014 with Rainbow Bubble