🐾 A 2023 Life Update! 🎯

It’s been a while, buds.

Last summer, I wanted to post stuff from GOASI Con 2023 but however, life is throwing a ton of curveballs my way. My uploads have been sporatic and inconsistent. This incompetence is due to fluctuating health issues and stressful life circumstances. External forces that are out of my control tend to scatter things up for me but this isn’t to say I’m not making any progress. Steadily, I’ve been taking incremental steps into a more stable life and I’m pretty proud of that.

As we consider the current trajectory, I believe that things with me will continue in that direction. I do apologize to those who have been looking forward to see new content but then again, not much is expected of me at the moment so I don’t want to feel terrible for not posting often. We have lives outside of social media and I am human afterall.

That being said, I’ll be spending next year of 2024 reflecting back and decluttering:

– I have a backlog of content that hasn’t been edited/uploaded yet. I aim on cleaning up my archive whilst still working on new ideas too.

– I won’t focus too heavily on live performances so I think it’s ideal to work on maybe one or a couple of them a year/bianually. Or possibly none at all if my health fails on me again but I pray it doesn’t get to that point.

– I’ll also be livestreaming during unpredictable times on my other social media platforms. I won’t be making announcements or any schedule on when I’ll go live. Sometimes there will be playback of previous livestreams, other times I’m going to randomly remove them. You’re just gonna have to show up whenever I feeeeeel like it. It’s more fun that way! 😏

Overall, don’t await on anything major since this is just my current vision, things can always change unexpectedly. Take care.


Photos are taken for Target’s Bullseye Top Toy Adventure Event! This was at Pier 16 South Street Seaport in Manhattan, New York.

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