Am I Back?

Y’know… multiple times I’ve been trying to make a proper comeback with this whole “eyedol” business but things in my life have been fluctuating up and down constantly. It’s a struggle to maintain some stable trajectory and vision in my goals, let alone have the energy to fully “open my eyes”. Most days I’m pushing through chronic fatigue and pain so resting longer than the average person has been the best way for me to recover.

Sometimes, I wish I could sleep forever without any dreams or sensations to stimulate me. Having pure silence in a pitch-black room is the most comforting because there’s nothing for me to do and nothing for me to be. Of course, some people may find that to be either too boring or too scary. I get that it can feel daunting to be alone with your own thoughts and have no one there to keep you company but if I wasn’t human, I would be forever grateful for the solitude. Sadly, because Eye am, my need for interaction and socialization kicks in. That’s where the “infinite” loops again.

Quite frankly, I’m still tired but regardless, we have to move… ugh.

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