🎀 Eye am not aMUSEd by your muse-ICK 🎹

I have a love/hate relationship with music, yet I can’t survive without it. My mom would consider it a staple because back then, she couldn’t go a day without playing the piano. She’d do this so much to my annoyance that whenever she tried to teach me, I would sulk for hours & sit there babbling to relieve tension. In tandem, I didn’t use the upright piano as intended. Instead, I would draw pictures on it, carve words, & used it as a “fort” for my plushies.

Due to the nature of her playing the same songs on the (might I add) untuned instrument, I began to understand the cyclic nature of how music can alter mood in particular. The dissonance in the notes was a reflection of the incongruence she carries within herself & almost like air quality β€” music can be used to purify or pollute.

Now… I’m not musically adept in a scholarly sense where I can pinpoint academically what is being played to me. The most I can do is go based on what I’m intuitively feeling at the moment. Like, whenever I sang in choir at my local church, I could sense the dreariness of the psalms being recited. Or the irritation invoked within me whenever teenagers blast sloppily made trap music on the MTA, influencing crime & debauchery in a careless manner. Both polarizing sides lack soul which to me, genuinely felt like a slow death.

Eye increasingly notice insidious messages within these songs that I physically feel ill if I’m around that kind of lower frequency long enough. These things become so rhythmic in essence that whenever one “gets into the groove” of consuming said media without question, it becomes a part of your character & you’ll dismiss the severity of the information being presented. One should not minimize the effects music has on not only the psyche but how it’s an indication of the parasitic impulse that can be induced into us.

Call me conspiratorial all you like though you have to agree that this stuff is everywhere. Music is a way we communicate with each other & because we are social creatures, it’s important to listen carefully to what it’s telling us. Be mindful of what you “tune” into.

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