šŸ§ø Sharing Some Beary Fun Pics! šŸŽˆ

Previously, I introduced you all to Princess Cocoa who is my main teddy bear & my “mini-me”. I would typically introduce my plushies over on my @juliane.bubbles Instagram but for the sake of matching my aesthetic & for storytelling, I will showcase to you to my “micro me”.

Introducing; Baby Cocoa! She is my official travel bear. I will be bringing her around on some of my adventures so she can keep me company. She resembles strikingly to her caregiver; Princess Cocoa. Even though she is a baby, Princess Cocoa is NOT her mommy. Just like those matryoshka dolls, there is a mini-me, then there is a micro-me. Eventually, I might even find a “nano me”. Who knows. Don’t copy me though. I don’t like copycats. Only EYE have a mini-me, not you!

When I was in the Color Factory the other day, I lost one of her shoes in the ballpit. Personally, I blame those darn kids & obnoxious adults in the background for distracting me! It’s really unfortunate too because while we were taking photos by the Brooklyn Bridge, I made sure to be super careful that her accessories didn’t fly off in the wind. I ordered a replacement, so I’ll be extra cautious next time around. This is considering the fact that she is a discontinued bear with a limited amount of official clothes available in her size.

I believe every plushie has a spirit. Some good, some bad, and some in between. I’ve been talking a lot more to my plushies just to get a feel of their personalities & to get to know them better. They provide me with important messages that not many understand. Not to mention, they offer really good protection because their eyes see things that most people disregard. Having an extra point of view helps me in my decision-making. That being said, one should never underestimate the value of a good luck charm so take please care of it well!

I’ll be talking more about my plushie adventures & introducing you to even more membears of my council on my @juliane.bubbles profile so please follow us there. We can’t wait to show you who we are. We’re always watching šŸ§æ

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