🌈 A 2022 Life Update! 🎨

Nyello buds~ [I’m just copy/pasting from my Instagram profile!]

I haven’t been posting on this blog as often because (A) I didn’t have many opportunities to create any “aesthetically pleasing” photos, (B) Super duper sleepy/sore, & (C) I’m genuinely having too much fun exploring various things alone! For some ideas I had, I feel like I’m making steady progress. With others, plans fell apart given life’s natural circumstances.

As much as I want to break out & start resocializing myself ‘normally’ as I used to pre-pandemic, if I have to be honest, I’m enjoying my solitude a lot more. Given the rate that I’m going, I feel so much more at ease talking to a select handful of people & redefining my own boundaries. There’s freedom when it comes to understanding ones’ own limitations so I’m going to continue to honor that.

I’m what one would call an “extroverted introvert”. This means I would publicly ‘mask’ myself to acclimate to various social situations. I feel pretty confident talking to many people but later on, I get extremely overwhelmed. I need days or even a week or so to recover that sometimes my body jitters from the fatigue. I used to feel pressured to respond to every message or talk to as many people as I could just to “stay in the loop” but as I grow older, I come to terms that some things are worth missing out on for the sake of my own replenishment.

As much as I love networking, I love myself more (and you should love yourself more too)! I’m a homebody so without having a safe haven to recharge in, I can’t go out & be my best for those who do interact with me. That being said, if I do come off a bit standoffish, it’s nothing personal towards you (unless I explicitly say so… that I’ll be straightforward with lol). It’s more so for the sake of energy conservation.

My advice: never go too overboard due to “FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)”. True friends will understand your condition & there’ll be opportunities later for you to shine. You just gotta trust the process & listen to your body!

Eventually, I do want to follow through on what I intended & reopen my website/forum when the time comes. For now… I need more rest. Take care y’all & happy (or sad) hi-bear-nating πŸ§ΈπŸ’€

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