Open The Time Capsule!

As time progresses, I’ll be posting more memories of myself on my instagram slice of life account here so please stay tuned! I want to normalize the chaotic frenzy that stirs within me because truth is told… my real dream is to be America’s #1 Gremlin Idol (and comedic genius)! 👹 Please support me as your ugly rat troll under the bridge! *Squeak squeak!* 🐀

Not gonna lie, in the past, I kept a lot of the seemingly unflattering, mundane, or even embarrassing moments of myself somewhat hidden from the public eye not because I; myself was necessarily ashamed of those parts but out of fear of how the public may misinterpret or judge me. Society conditioned me to believe that if I were to be “successful”, I must maintain a particular “image” or even conform to how others want to see me fit.

We live in a conditional world so it’s only natural that some may react adversely to the things I post. Regardless, I made a commitment to myself a long time ago to not only evolve our perspective on how we see “idols” but also humanize them. I’m messy, creepy, harsh, and disgusting though deep down inside – we all are. If I were to disregard the “dark” side of me, I would be diminishing my very existence.

From this point on, I will continue to choose not to abandon myself but also not sacrifice my soul anymore. I’m beginning to reclaim my long-lost faith in God (and not in the traditional sense either). I want to believe we were put here for a reason and that nothing is truly coincidental. I hope to be an example for those who don’t fit typical eurocentric beauty standards by showing others that they matter too.

I will not shame my petite body the way others have.
I will not erase my biracial Filipino-Italian background.
I will not undermine the constraints I have to deal with regularly as a female.
Finally, I will not limit the chance of attaining my goals due to my age or status.

Let’s show the world that it’s possible to actualize the dreams of amatuer idols from all walks of life! Isn’t that what an #overseasidol is all about?

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