Today is July 4th. As Americans across the country take the time to celebrate this day with friends and family around the BBQ, on the other side some ignore that we still have a lot of work to do as a nation to unite each other coming from all different backgrounds, races, ethnicity, gender expression, and so forth. Don’t let the pretty fireworks and fun times distract you from the underlying heartache that affects us as a collective.

Let us not only remember how far our ancestors have come to bring us to this point but also learn by their example how we can create a more “free” country. Not “free” in the sense of living lavishly while others are suffering but true freedom that rings for everyone in offering them an equally fair chance at living their own “American Dream”. My interpretation of just that is not the illusion of a white picket fence lifestyle but a place where people can be liberated to express their truths, honor their stories and pave the way for younger generations to not be ashamed of who they are deep inside.

A place where we embrace our differences while simultaneously holding space for understanding the pain that is carried from deep-seated racial and generational trauma.

A melting pot filled with endless possibilities to explore while simultaneously respecting various cultures in contrast to our conditioned beliefs.

A world where we honor mother nature while simultaneously allowing us the independence to expand the confines of what is currently known.

That to me is freedom.

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