Just Some Idol Etiquette Tips! (Part III.)

Here’s the final part! If you missed the previous part, click here.

11. Know your power. You have the responsibility to influence those around you. Inspire your audience in a way that will benefit both you and them. It would be in your best interest to not push your own personal agenda.

12. Know your limits. If you lack a certain skill or a certain trait, own up to it. It’s easy to get excited and swept up in your dreams but it’s important to be realistic with your expectations. Do not be afraid to admit your inadequacies and vulnerabilities. People are there to support you.

13. Know your place. When working with those who are higher in status and/or veterancy than you, it might seem intimidating but don’t let it get the best of you. Do not place them on a pedestal and do not project your insecurities onto them. Instead, treat them as a mentor, stay professional, and be humble. They can offer you a lot of valuable skills so don’t take the opportunities you have for granted — appreciate them. It’s best to remember that you never want to bite the hand that feeds you.

14. Work with people, not against them. Along the way, there might be coworkers that you would not get along with or see eye to eye on. Be pleasant in your interactions and find a way to compromise. If you don’t think that working with them is productive, consult with your peers for advice, and most importantly: trust your intuition. Do not be afraid to cut out those who are unwilling to be cooperative. Respect goes both ways and it only takes one person to knock the rest off course if there isn’t a solid sense of unity. Keep in mind the best interests of the collective as a whole.

15. Keep a proper work-life balance. Find a way to manage your time effectively by figuring out your priorities. Be realistic about your schedule and how much you are willing to spread yourself. Treat your body as gently as you could and pay close attention to what it is telling you. Doing this routinely would be the best way to indicate how you can prevent burnout. In addition, refrain from falling into imposter syndrome. Your worth does not rely on your productivity.

16. Give it your all. Never do things half-heartedly. Half-assing your work will only prove your lack of resolve. Your performance may very well be a reflection of your character. Of course, no one is the best and perfectionism has its downsides too though it’s important at the bare minimum to try as hard as you can. Love is the main ingredient of every idol performance. You can do this!

Now that you reached the end, it’s time to blow up 2020 completely! 🧨 Once I press this button on my remote control, it will all be over! 🎇 Unless… *presses button**laughter track plays from the speaker*… 🎭 now you got to repeat the same lessons in 2021 if you haven’t learned last time! 🎊 Happy “New” Year?! 🥳 Peace out? 👽

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