Just Some Idol Etiquette Tips! (Part II.)

Here’s Part 2! If you missed the previous part, click here.

5. Love yourself. No one else can define who you are other than you. People will try to smear your name with accusations, gossip, and rumors but you must stay strong. You know yourself more than anyone else in the world. Trust your judgment and hold on tight to your strengths.

6. Love others. It’s tough to learn how to forgive those who wronged us but try your best to not hold resentment in your heart. Those who seem to be bad are individuals who are hurting. Through letting go of people or situations that do not serve your highest good with compassion, we break the cycle of hate and find ways to heal. Understand that unconditional love does not equate to unconditional tolerance. Putting yourself in abusive or neglectful situations is in no way loving towards yourself or them.

7. Kill them with kindness. Sometimes you’ll have to face individuals who will want to bring you down. Do your best not to internalize their behavior. Not every battle is worth fighting and you don’t want to waste your energy on those who drain it. Recognize that niceness and kindness are two different things. One stems from fear, the other stems from inner strength. Being agreeable in every situation will not help you nurture resilience in the long term and placating to others might set you up for situations that could potentially exploit you.

8. Treat all your fans equally. Even though some may be awkward towards you, keep in mind that these are the people that are supporting you. Be thoughtful with your words, be mindful of your actions, and treat others with respect. When interacting with them, talk from a place of empathy and aim to build a bond rather than boost up your image. If you fake being good, eventually people will see through your facade.

9. Check your ego. It can be tempting to get absorbed in ourselves. However, this kind of behavior might make you treat others poorly whether you realize it or not. It’s okay to be proud of yourself but just remember to keep yourself grounded. Flattery and excessive validation will only make you codependent on external forces to bolster you up. Empowerment comes from within. Take time to reflect and seek wisdom through knowing yourself. Meditate daily.

10. Take criticism with stride. Determine whether or not the criticism is constructive and then see how you can apply that critique to improve yourself. At first, it might be tough to hear or even hurt sometimes. Instead of taking it personally, use that feedback as a tool for you to learn and grow.

⇒ To Be Continued In Part #3! ⇒

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