Just Some Idol Etiquette Tips! (Part I.)

Disclaimer: In no way are these intended to dictate or control how you proceed. I figured as a way to wrap up the year, I’d share my experience as a veteran with those who might need assistance (especially considering how bumpy 2020 was). Do I slip up from time to time and fail to adhere to these times every now and then? Of course, I do. This isn’t a rule book, just a guide. Everyone’s idol journey is going to be different from one another so there is no linear way to go about it. Even with our downfalls, redemption is there for you – we are human after all. Always remember that your destiny is determined by you!

Introduction: Maintaining your aura as an idol, I believe, should be your main priority. Becoming an idol is less about skills and more about your attitude, personality, and determination. The behavior you carry on and off stage reflects how you’ll be able to work with others and how you’ll be able to handle your audience. By practicing the following, not only will you be able to build a better bond with your peers, but you’ll be able to actively apply these skills in your life to become a healthier and positive influence to those who interact with you. Without further ado… here are some idol etiquette tips to help you out on your journey!

1. Take care of your mind and your emotional well-being. Sometimes life can be overwhelming but it’s important to do your best not to get swept up in stress. Work on continually giving yourself positive self-talk, maintaining quality relationships, practicing grounding techniques, expressing yourself in a healthy manner, and acknowledging where you’re at in the present moment. Honor your emotions, don’t shame or suppress them. If you need to take a break, that’s ok. Just don’t dwell for too long. Take it one step at a time.

2. Take care of your body. Form healthy habits of eating well, getting proper rest, drinking plenty of water, and exercising. Not only will you look good, but you’ll feel good too! It will drastically change how you hold yourself up during performances.

3. Accept yourself for who you are. Growth is a major part of the idol journey. You want to connect with others in a way that they can relate to you — not as a superstar but as the girl next door (or boy or non-binary; whatever gender you identify as). Embrace your flaws and work on your mistakes. It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to be angry, and it’s okay to be upset. What matters the most is what you do with those emotions and how you act on them.

4. Have a pure heart. The job of an idol is to invoke hope in others (unless you’re aiming to be an alternative idol… by all means do whatever the fuck you want). Stay balanced in both your optimistic and pessimistic traits. Never allow fear to dictate your decisions (or lack thereof). Most importantly, be genuine and have good intentions.

⇒ To Be Continued In Part #2! ⇒

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